Shishe Gaz Industries Group


Corporate governance is a set of methods that define the relationships between shareholders, board members and management of the company and influence how the company operates. Actually; Corporate governance provides a structure through which the company’s goals, the means to achieve those goals, and how to monitor the company’s performance are determined.

The six principles of corporate governance:

1. Creating the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of corporate governance

2. Protecting the rights of major and partial shareholders

3. Treat all shareholders equally

4. Attention to the role of stakeholders in corporate governance

5. Transparency and disclosure of information

6. Determining the responsibilities of the board of directors

General diagram of the organizational chart

نمودار سازمانی شرکت شیشه و گاز

Bylaws , guidelines and executive method approved by the company

Committee members

Internal audit committee

In the implementation of Article 10 of the internal control instructions for publishers admitted to the Tehran Stock Exchange and the Iran Foreign Exchange, the internal audit committee of the Glass and Gas Company (Public Stock) was formed with the aim of helping the board of directors fulfill its supervisory responsibility and improving it in order to obtain reasonable assurance of the following items. has been

  • 1- Effectiveness of management system processes, risk management and internal controls.
  • 2- The health of financial reporting,
  • 3- Effectiveness of internal audit,
  • 4- The independence of the independent auditor and the effectiveness of the independent audit
  • 5- Compliance with laws, regulations and requirements.

کمیته حسابرسی شرکت شیشه و گاز

Specialized committee

Transactions with related parties

Sustainability report

Report number 1