Shishe Gaz Industries Group

History of Shishe Gaz ( )

Shishe Gaz Company was registered as a joint-stock company on 12-4-1960 in Tehran’s Industrial Property and Registration Department under Letter No. 7296 dated 12-5-1960. In the following, the type of company was changed to a private limited company on 10-22-1971 and again on 9-5-1977 it was converted to a public company and on 8-21-1990 it was accepted in the Tehran Stock Exchange with the national company ID number 10100889278 . At present, the company is one of the subsidiary units of the mother specialized in expanding the food industry of Sina, and its final controlling unit is the Foundation of the Underprivileged of the Islamic Revolution.

The main center of this company is located in Tehran, km 3 of the special road and the company’s factory is located in Tehran, Shams Abad Industrial Town, Sarvostan Blvd., Golsarkh 12. The subject of the company’s activity according to Article 5 of the articles of incorporation of the factory is to produce all kinds of bottles, crystals and other glass products and to engage in any type of activity that is directly or indirectly necessary or useful for the above purposes.

Currently, Shamsabad factory is active with two furnaces. Phase 1 of the Shamsabad factory includes a furnace with a nominal capacity of 150 tons per day with two forming lines of 10 sections of two pieces and one forming line of 8 sections of two pieces, which has been officially put into operation since November 2013. Phase 2 includes a furnace with a nominal capacity of 240 tons per day, with a 10-section three-piece forming line and two 8-section three-piece forming lines, which was officially put into operation from April 2022, and from April 2023, the production of green beer in this phase. it has begun.

Message from management

We thank God for giving us the opportunity to serve in this construction field so that we can play a small part in this great jihad.

The Shishe Gaz industry group has been able to use NNPB technology to produce diverse and high-quality light glass in order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, and in addition to maintaining domestic customers, it has an important share in the export of its products to neighboring countries and CIS markets. and have a commonwealth and extra-regional markets.

Shishe Gaz Industries Group, as the founder of the industrial production of glass in the country, started its activity in the field of producing bottles, jars and crystals since 1339, and by using modern machines and equipments and technology, it has been able to supply diverse and high-quality products to the market. Supplying and training engineers, experts and skilled technicians to play a valuable role in the development of the glass and crystal industry. This group has not only been a worthy substitute for imported products by providing products with different and diverse designs and sizes, it has also exported a large part of its own products in recent years. Over the past years, this group has taken effective steps in the development of national production and has included the presence in international markets as one of its main strategies, due to its ancient and proud history, effective and efficient human capital. He has long-term intentions as the largest producer with high capacity and superior quality in Iran.

Now, after many years of proud production in the field of industry, the growing trend of its life cycle has started, and with the construction of the first phase project with a capacity of 150 tons per day in Shams Abad industrial city, using the latest technology in the world, it is producing all kinds of light and With quality, it has launched the second phase of its development plan with a capacity of 240 tons per day, and the third phase of its development plan with a capacity of 240 tons per day is in progress. Also, the plan to increase the capacity of 60 tons for the second phase is being implemented and launched. . The belief and mission of Shishe Gaz Industries Group is to fulfill the demands of customers, to produce pure and high-quality products, and to create a suitable platform for the access of our dear customers to world-class quality products from the point of view of technology and product design. And in this regard, it offers its products with NNPB super light technology. The employees of this company believe that Shishe Gaz Industries Group should be the leading company in this industry in Iran.

دکتر حسین تورنگ

Quality management system policy statement

Shishe Gaz Company is one of the first and largest manufacturers of all kinds of glass containers for food and beverage packaging, with more than half a century of experience in Iran and the Middle East. In order to provide the interests of the shareholders and the board of directors, this company is obliged to improve the quality as much as possible and to satisfy the domestic and foreign customers, as well as fulfill its social responsibilities by focusing its products and services on the issues of improving quality and preventing harm. He knows about the environment and respecting the relevant legal requirements. For this purpose, the implementation, implementation and improvement of the requirements of the quality management system and the environmental management system based on the international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 have been put at the top of their work and committed themselves to meet the needs and expectations of all internal stakeholders. and external, continuously improving the effectiveness of established systems, improving customer satisfaction, preventing pollution and maintaining environmental conditions, and reducing the effects of the organization’s performance on environmental factors.

For this purpose, the management of the company has determined the goals mentioned below as the main strategies of the organization and announced them at the organization level:

1. Understanding the needs and demands of customers and continuous and efficient communication with customers from the beginning and commitment to provide services on time and increase their satisfaction level.

2. Developing market share through market research, introducing commercial brands and providing diverse and high-quality products.

3. Striving for continuous learning, innovation and improvement through self-evaluation, identification, measurement and optimization of factors affecting product quality, updating and applying the system of analysis, evaluation and use of the results.

4. Providing a suitable working environment and developing and improving human resources by increasing the specialized knowledge of employees, improving the level of awareness and quality and environmental culture, and creating areas of participation and motivation of employees in line with the excellence of the organization in such a way that each of his employees Contribute to the achievement of the organization’s goals.

5. Commitment to continuous improvement and prevention of environmental pollution and reduction and elimination of risks and pollution of water, soil and air.

6. Applying appropriate methods in order to optimally use energy, financial resources, human resources and reduce waste and waste.

7. Investment, allocation and optimal management of resources in order to improve productivity within the framework of laws and regulations, maintain and develop cooperation with related institutions, organizations and specialized associations in order to create more value for all stakeholders.

8. Proper and effective exploitation of information and communication capitals in order to maximize the productivity of organizational capitals and human capitals of company management while participating in the creation, development and establishment of quality and environmental management systems with attention to monitoring and revision. It emphasizes the realization of this statement at all levels of the company. And in this regard, in order to apply continuous monitoring and meet the needs of the quality and environmental management system, he appoints a representative with full authority for quality and environmental issues, and it is emphasized to dear colleagues at all levels of the organization, to do their best in To cooperate with them.

Board of Directors

first name and last name : Ali Asghar Mehrabi Alamdari

Job title : Chairman of the Board

Education : Master of Mechanics

Agent : Foundation of the oppressed of the Islamic Revolution

Email : :

Records :

first name and last name : Hosein Tourang

Job title : Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Education : PhD in mechanics

Agent : Sina Food Industries Holding

Email : :

Records :

first name and last name : Shahab Ghaderi

Job title : Mandatory member of the board of directors

Education : Master of Accounting

Agent : Peyvan Tejarat Atieh Iranian

Email : :

Records :

first name and last name : Majid Atashgar

Job title: non-obligatory member

Education : Master of Accounting

Agent : Iran’s national investment

Email : :

Records :

first name and last name : Jafar Savaedi

Job title : Non-obligatory member

Education : Master of private law

Agent : Rah Negar KhavarMianeh Pars

Email : :

Records :


گواهی ایزو 14001

ISO 14001 version 2015

گواهی iso 9001

ISO 9001 version 2015

تقدیر نامه افزایش صادرات نسبت به فروش سال

تقدیر نامه افزایش صادرات نسبت به فروش سال

گواهینامه 100 رتبه اول IMI برای شاخص بازده فروش

IMI Top 100 Certification for Sales Performance Index

لوح تقدیرنامه تعالی و پیشرفت

Certificate of excellence and progress

گواهینامه تعهد به تعالی و پیشرفت

Certificate of commitment to excellence and progress

جایزه تعالی و پیشرفت در سطح تقدیر نامه 1397

Excellence and progress award at the level of 2017

جایزه تعالی و پیشرفت در سطح تقدیر نامه 1397

Excellence and progress award at the level of 2018

جایزه تعالی و پیشرفت در سطح تقدیر نامه 1397

Excellence and progress award at the level of 2018

تندیس روز صنعت

Statue of Industry Day

تقدیرنامه حضور در نمایشگاه

Certificate of participation in the exhibition

صنعت نمونه در مدیریت مصرف برق

An exemplary industry in electricity consumption management