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social responsibility

Glass and Gas Company considers social responsibility as an inevitable necessity. Therefore, it carries out the activities of this area with full and voluntary acceptance and in recent years, it has tried to expand its activities from focusing on charity and humanitarian affairs to other areas needed by the society. The extraction of 8 areas of social responsibility activities, the clear reporting of the activities carried out and compliance with global standards in this field, and the effort to improve the quality and quantity of activities in the field of social responsibility is a valid proof of this attitude. Social responsibility policy statement Glass and Gas Company is aware of its role in the economic, social and environmental fields, therefore, in addition to being committed to complying with the legal requirements and ethical principles of business, it tries to actively assume the necessary responsibilities related to its actions. This company tries to establish social responsibility as a belief and culture and manifest it in the daily activities of employees. Glass and Gas Company's approach to social responsibility is in the medium-term and long-term time frame and is based on achieving high social goals. In addition, it will pay attention to participation in charity activities and timely responses to environmental demands. All the activities of this group in the field of social responsibility are adjusted in line with the interests of the main stakeholders and include a wide range of economic, legal, ethical and humanitarian responsibilities. In choosing social responsibility programs and activities, priority is given to activities that include the interests of the company and society at the same time and lead to the creation of common value for the parties. These activities are mainly in line with the specialized business of the company, i.e. services in the food industry. The general policy of Glass and Gas Company will focus on the following multiple areas:

• Charitable and humanitarian activities

• Fulfilling social responsibility towards employees

• Resource and energy consumption management

• Funding and targeted capital

• Environmental Protection

• Participation of employees and customers

• Cultivation

• External communication

Corporate social performance report

Energy status report in the company:

1. Studying, researching and investigating the possibility of using furnace heat for the purpose of heating hot water and producing turbine generators.

2. Taking measures to reduce electricity consumption as much as possible (such as: Using energy-saving lighting lamps instead of incandescent lamps, installing photocells to automatically turn off lamps during the day and night, using inverters for high-power electric motors.

3. Communicating educational instructions on how to use electricity optimally

Report on the environmental performance of the company and predict the future trend

In order to continue obtaining various certificates such as TUVNORD (Quality Management), ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 18000 Occupational Health and Safety, Glass and Gas Company (Public Stock) has taken various environmental measures as follows:

a) executive and operational measures for industrial wastewater treatment in the factory with the aim of preventing pollution of the grounds of the treatment plant (in and around the factory) and reuse of purified water in the production lines

b) Measuring fresh environmental pollutants in the factory area

c) Creation, preservation and maintenance of green space and fresh environment in the factory premises

The performance report of the company in relation to increasing the level of welfare, health and education of employees

1. Holding and performing celebrations on various occasions for employees and their families

2. Donating non-cash donations to employees on Labor Day and Fajr

3. Giving awards to veteran and selfless employees

4. Signing a contract with health and treatment centers regarding periodic tests of employees

5. Signing contracts with insurance companies to cover supplementary medical insurance for employees and their families

Company performance report related to social mission

• Provision of educational aids and stationery for schools in deprived areas

• Provision of heating and comfort equipment for schools in deprived areas

• Provision of sports and recreational equipment for schools in deprived areas

Financial transparency

Decisions of the Annual Ordinary General Assembly 04/31/1402

Interest payment schedule 12/29/1401

Financial statements for 3 months ending 03/31/1402

Audited financial statements 12/29/1401

Interpretive report 12/29/1401

Board activity report 12/29/1401

Internal controls report

Resume of specialized committees of Glass and Gas Company

Experience records of internal audit committee members

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