Shishe Gaz Industries Group

کارخانه شیشه و گاز

Shishe Gaz Company was registered as a joint-stock company on 12-4-1960 in Tehran’s Industrial Property and Registration Department under Letter No. 7296 dated 12-5-1960. In the following, the type of company was changed to a private limited company on 10-22-1971 and again on 9-5-1977 it was converted to a public company and on 8-21-1990 it was accepted in the Tehran Stock Exchange with the national company ID number 10100889278 . At present, the company is one of the subsidiary units of the mother specialized in expanding the food industry of Sina, and its final controlling unit is the foundation of the underprivileged of the Islamic Revolution.

The main center of this company is located in Tehran, km 3 of the special road and the company’s factory is located in Tehran, Shams Abad Industrial Town, Sarvostan Blvd., Golsarkh 12.
The subject of the company’s activity according to Article 5 of the articles of incorporation of the factory is to produce all kinds of bottles, crystals and other glass products and to engage in any type of activity that is directly or indirectly necessary or useful for the above purposes.
Currently, Shamsabad factory is active with two furnaces. Phase 1 of Shamsabad factory includes a furnace with a nominal capacity of 150 tons per day with two forming lines of 10 sections of two pieces and one forming line of 8 sections of two pieces, which has been officially put into operation since November 2012.

Phase 2 includes a furnace with a nominal capacity of 240 tons per day, with a 10-section three-piece forming line and two 8-section three-piece forming lines, which was officially put into operation from April 2022, and from April 2023, the production of green beer in this phase. it has begun.

خط تولید شرکت شیشه و گاز

The use of glass in the food industry :

The use of glass in the food industry offers a unique combination of increased safety and improved food preservation. It is a popular ingredient for manufacturers in the food industry to promote their products, as well as for consumers. Environmentally speaking, glass can be recycled over and over again and is also the material of choice for reuse.

Advantages of glass packaging for food:

Glass is an impermeable material that prevents air and other liquids from entering, meaning that glass bottles will never affect the taste or freshness of the product. Additionally, unlike plastic, external temperatures, such as heat, will not affect the material or shape of the glass.

جار شیشه ای

Glass containers for the food industry

بطری نوشابه

Glass bottle of carbonated drinks

بطری شیشه ای آبمیوه

Glass bottles of non-carbonated drinks

News and updates

Monday, October 8, 2023


Setting up the stock affairs portal

Respected shareholders can access the stock affairs portal through the stock menu and selecting the user panel button to view their identity information and the number of shares. It is necessary to explain that in order to enter your user panel, use the national code as the username and the exchange code as the password.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Information and communication link of the assembly of Shishe Gaz company online

Dear shareholders can participate in the general meeting online through the Aparat website. It is necessary to explain that in order to view, they must first log in or register on the Aparat site.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Holding the Annual General Assembly for the financial period ending on 20-3- 2023

The annual general assembly was held on 22-7-2023 at 18:00. The results and documents are visible and available in the stock department.

Attention dear shareholders: The results and documents are visible and available in the stock department.

2023 July 11 , Tuesday

Inauguration of Basij base of Shahid Tehrani Moghadam Shishe Gaz Company

During this ceremony, Basij Shahid Tehrani Moghadam resistance base was opened in the presence of Mr. Engineer Kemer Rusta, Mr. Heydarbeigi, and Mr. Dr. Tourang, CEO, as well as managers and personnel of Shishe Gaz Company.

2023 July 10 , Monday

Announcement of invitation to the Annual General Assembly for the financial period ending on 3-20-2023

Time and place of the general meeting: All shareholders, lawyers or legal representatives of the shareholders, as well as the representative or representatives of legal entities, are invited to attend the general meeting of this company at 18:00 on Saturday, 22-7-2023 in Tehran province, Ray Shahr, at the address Kilometer 35 Qom Highway, Shams Abad Industrial Town, Sarvostan Blvd., Golsarkh 12 Shishe Gaz Company will be held.

2023 June 21 , Wednesday

Visit of the Administrative Vice President of Shishe Gaz Company

During this visit, Mr. Eng. Vosoughi, the respected administrative assistant of Foundation of the oppressed of the Islamic Revolution, as well as Mr. Jahandideh, the respected general manager of human resources and accompanying delegation, visited the glass and gas factory and during the meeting with the workers and managers of the company, they closely discussed the problems of the glass industry. they talked

2023 June 17 , Saturday

Holding an international food industry exhibition

The active presence of Shishe Gaz Company in one of the booths of hall 20-22, along with other groups such as Mina Glass, Isfahan Sugar, Shirvan Sugar, Zamzam Iran, Behnoosh Iran, Pakdis, Pak, Goshthiran, etc., which caused The interaction and synergy between the companies under Sina Food Industries Holding increased.